My Christmas Cactus In Full Bloom #Cacti



My christmas cactai has just come into bloom . Bright pinks and red’s , when you look close you can see the sparkle of the petals . One of my all time favorite houseplants . One of the only house plants that I have that dont get eaten by our cats molly and sans

Sans The Tuxedo Cat – AKA The Plant Killer from Sans Favorite Plants – Spider Plants

Molly Our Model Cat For Our Organically Grown Catnip Very Partial To A Peace Lilly
Below are photographs on my Christmas cacti in full bloom at the beginning of the year – lol funny enough around Easter time ha ha .

These cacti are great easy to look after need very little watering and one of the best plants that I have that does not in the slightest interest my cats . Those who have cats and love growing houseplants will understand that no plant is safe when it comes to cats , but these really are .

They are very fast growing , Easy to take cuttings and grow them on to large plants in no time

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