BLACKSMITH GUIDE to FORGING tool making welding #Blacksmithing

BLACKSMITH GUIDE to FORGING tool making welding #Blacksmithing

BLACKSMITH GUIDE to FORGING tool making welding #Blacksmithing – Payhip

Huge Collection For Those Who Want To Learn More About The Art Of Becoming A Black Smith

This Collection Contains Everything You Need To Know And Learn From How To Make A Forge To How To Make A Japanese Sword Your Own Work Of Art Included Free
This Collection Tells You About The Tools And How To Make And Use Then From Raw Materials 

Basic Blacksmiths
How To Set Up Your Blacksmith’s Work Shop
How To Make A Charcoal Coal Forge

Metal Working From Scrap
Tools And Equipment
Working With Raw Materials
Blacksmiths Techniques

Making Tools Includes – Punch ,chisel ,hot & Cold Sets, Hammers, Tongs, Fullers
Axe Making
Hoe Making
Knife Making
Sickle Making

Blade Smith Techniques

Includes Free Japanese Sword Forging Below
 ~ The Traditional And Modern Japanese Sword Forging Compilation ~

Data COLLECTION Full Of Various Pdfs Documents On Forging A Japanese Style Sword (Katana).

With The Enclosed Information, One Should Be Able To Create A Forge-folded Katana,of High Quality. 

(Were Are Not Talking About Making A Knock Off) 
Also Included Is Some Basic Plans For A Small Propane Powered Forge. Enjoy And Remember…share Knowledge! 

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