Build a BAMBOO FLY fishing ROD split cane fishing masters guide diy plans #flyfishing –

Build a BAMBOO FLY fishing ROD split cane fishing masters guide diy plans #flyfishing

Have you ever wanted to build and use a traditional split cane – bamboo fly rod? Now you can and by using the e-books within this BUILD A BAMBOO FLY ROD pack.

I have included over 50 pdf e-books on the subject of building bamboo fly rods and other aspects of fly fishing, from the traditional art of fly tying to the original fly fishing and rod building books from the 1650s right through the 1700s and 1800s up to the early 1900s, from splitting the bamboo to whipping the perfect cross wrap to using the freshly made bamboo fly rod and what flies to use.

all the books are listed below so that you can see the rarity and old secrets that I have found and packaged for your convenience, all of these pdf e-books can be read on and windows computer or any android or apple phone or tablet that has a pdf reader (the readers are free).


 A Fly Fishers Life – 1972
A Treatyse Of Fysshynge Wyth An Angle – 1885
Amateur Rod Making – 1914
Building The Bamboo Fly Rod – 1965
Fisherman’s Verse – Poems – 1919
Fishing – Country Life Library Of Sport Vol.2 – 1905
Fishing Salmon And Trout – 1889
Fly Fishing By Sir Edward Grey – 1899
Fly Rods And Fly Tackle -(Signed By Author) – 1901
G.little And Co – Fishing Rod And Tackle Catalogue – 1889
Halcyon Or Rod Fishing With Fly, Minnow And Worm – 1861
How To Fish The Dry Fly – 1921
Insects By The Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913 To 1918 – 1920
Joe Wayring At Home Or The Adventures Of A Fly Rod – 1842 To 1915
Modern Development Of The Dry Fly – 1910
Old Flies In New Dresses – 1898
Rod And River Or Fly Fishing For Trout, Salmon And Grayling – 1892
Rod Building For Amateurs – 1952
Rod Fishing In Clear Waters By Fly, Minnow And Worm – 1887
The Angler And The Loop Rod – 1885
The Anglers Workshop – Rod Making For The Beginner – 1908
The Book Of The Dry Fly – 1921
The Complete Angler By Izaak Walton – 1653
The Fisheries Exhibition Literature Vol.3 – 1883
The Idyl Of The Split Bamboo – 1920
The Scientific Angler – 1886
Usa Ver. – The Treatyse Of Ffysshynge Wyth An Angle – 1880
Wet Fly Fishing Treated Methodically – 1903
Common British Insects – 1882
Dry Fly Entomology – 1897
Farm Insects – 1861
Lepiopterous Insects Of Great Britain – 1944
The Dry Fly Fisherman’s Entomology – 1921​

​OTHER BOOKS – basic fly tying the fly tying bible how to build a bamboo fly rod, also 20 pdf e-books on rod building with instructions, whipping guides, cork shape guides, and everything you need to build your own bamboo fly rod!

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