Helping Sion kerby to Rehab #FND

Can you Help Sion Kerby who has FND get the REHAB he needs

Helping Sion kerby to Rehab
 Helping Sion kerby to rehab

Before Oct Sion was full of health, fit and exceptionally bright. He got injured in school rugby , hurt his collar bone and his health deteriorated so quickly after that. What started with a spasm on his shoulder blade turned into him not being able to walk, think properly, having spasms and seizures. He is unable to go to school and cannot do most things.
Drs were baffled as his test results were fine so we had to fight so hard to be taken seriously and Sion has been treated so badly being told it’s in his head and he’s making it up.


Helping Sion kerby to RehabHelping Sion kerby to Rehab


We have now been told Its FND functioning neurological disorder, which we had never heard of. We have now come to see there is no help for children with FND on the NHS and we have to find and fund all sions treatments. He really needs to be in a rehab centre for intense treatment, we really need your help getting there
there are success stories of recovery out there but they have always been fought and funded themselves. Really didn’t want to do this but treatment to get Sion better is going to cost thousands of pounds, he is far to important to us to leave as he is. Thank you for helping us and all the support over the last few months.
Fnd is cruel, it’s so disabling and the NHS really need to have something in place as it’s the second most common thing after migraines the neurologist see. We need Sion better

thank you!



Functional Neurological Symptoms

Functional neurological symptoms are neurological symptoms that are genuine, but not due to a disease of the nervous system.

They are called functional symptoms because they affect the “function” of the body rather than being caused by damage to the “structure”.

This problem has been around for a long time, for most of history it was called “hysteria”, though it is common in men as well as women. More recently, psychiatrists called it “conversion disorder” because patients were thought to be “converting” stress into physical symptoms.

However not all patients experience significant psychological problems. A lot of patients just have an accident or a period of illness and then get functional symptoms afterwards.

Symptoms can include:

  • Loss of motor control
  • Sensory symptoms
  • Speech problems
  • Attacks or seizures
  • Visual symptoms
  • Cognitive problems

These symptoms are common, affecting around a third of people attending neurology outpatient clinics.
They can resolve quickly and of their own accord, and sometimes a clear, reassuring explanation and some time is all a patient needs to get better.

The following websites have a lot of very useful information:

When symptoms become more chronic they can cause a lot of problems, with a third of affected patients not being able to work. Patients are often very distressed by their symptoms. In this case we tend to diagnose “Functional Neurological Symptoms Disorder” (FND). 

When patients are affected by FND they can benefit from specialist help including physiotherapy and psychological therapy.

 To go from worrying about cello practice and air cadets to worrying if anything will be normal again is heart breaking and scary. 

The fact that specialist care is not available when it’s so disabling is shocking. How can doctors still say they are faking when it’s so common.Helping Sion kerby to Rehab

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Helping Sion kerby to Rehab


Helping Sion kerby to Rehab #FND



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