What is a Binaural Beat ?
A binaural beat is actually quite simple to understand....first off, there are 4 kinds of brain waves: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. These waves tell your brain what kind of thought process to undertake in the current situation you're in. For example, if you're being mugged, your brain is probably going to be doused in gamma waves. Walking down a dark alley in the middle of the night, probably beta waves, and so on. The frequency of these waves is measured in hertz, or how many cycles the sound has per second. Most scientists agree that the adult human can physically hear and comprehend any noise or sound in the range between 15 Hz to 18,000 Hz. Here's a chart lifted straight off Wikipedia that should make things a little more clear:
​Frequency range Name Usually associated with:
> 40 Hz Gamma waves Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear
13–39 Hz Beta waves Active, anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition, paranoia
7–13 Hz Alpha waves Relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness
4–7 Hz Theta waves Dreams, deep meditation/relaxation, REM sleep
< 4 Hz Delta waves Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

So say a 100 Hz frequency is being played in your right headphone and a 60 Hz in your left. The difference is 40 Hz, and 40 Hz = Gamma waves - Higher mental activity. See how that works? Your brain automatically synchronizes itself and its waves along with the external stimuli- in this case, the binaural beats.

Of course, you're not able to hear your own brain waves, but they're still there. Your brain is pulsating, moving and throbbing every moment of every day, stimulated by external sources. If you apply binaural beats, you are able to change the frequency of your brain waves, and possibly invoke some effects- not always pleasant. There are binaural beats available to simulate almost any kind of drug- crystal meth, ketamine, heroin, cocaine and even some prescription drugs such as Ritalin. There are also simulations of completely naturally occuring plants, such as marijuana, saliva divinorum, ginkgo biloba and so on. There's a wide variety out there.

What you absolutely must understand is that binaural beats are not meant to be taken lightly- they should be treated as seriously as though you really were holding a gram of marijuana in your hand, or really did have a crate of Everclear. Before, during or after using binaural beats, you should do anything stupid, such as driving a car, or the cliche, operating heavy machinery. Don't be stupid by endangering other people. Do it in your own home, and don't bother anyone else.

That being said... Let me say that I have used almost all of the doses included in this .7z file, and I can truthfully say that IT WORKS. It's the same thing as taking an atheist to a church and forcing him to pray; of course he won't feel any effect. Same thing here; you need to at least TRY to believe that your brain is being altered. Just as with any medicine, there has to be at least a little of the placebo effect in place- otherwise, it won't work completely.

There's a ton of websites that offer binaural beats for sale- I swear by iDoser. There's a lot of people that call iDoser and binaural beats out as scams- say what you will, it works for me, and it might for you if you try hard enough. This isn't a miracle, it obviously requires some mental effort on your part as well. And because of that, I've copied these extremely helpful tips from the iDoser forums- thank you Subway, it's been real helpful.

So anyway... if you follow the tips below, you should definitely experience some fantastic results. I had never done anything this elaborate but after I tried Subway's tips, it definitely increased in quality hundredfold. So without further ado....


Getting ready and Setting up

Follow the following steps.

1) GO PEE! and get all your everyday burdens over with. Feed the dog and let it outside . Finish your homework, and get all your chores off. eat some cheese. cheese with fill you up. Even if you are not mentally thinking about food, your body may crave it, thus affecting how fast or what meditation state you are able to reach.

2) Make sure your bed is comfy, and take off anything that is uncomfortable.

3) First you want to not think about the dose you're going to take. Just dont think too much about.

4) Chill out. Make sure before you lie down your breathing deeply, until your heart rate slows down to a sleeping rate.

5) Throw on a dose like reset, or calm me. Let that chill your mind out and just relax. Now is the time to think about whatever the hell you have to think about. Get rid of these thoughts while the reset gets your body used to the meditation state. While thinking and letting your mind set up, make sure to do a sound check. check your volumes. and make sure your cord length is far enough.

6) turn off your phone and lock your room door. Turn off your lights, and close your blinds. Clog the strip of light under your door with a towel.

7) make sure no wire is touching your neck or your body to wear you can feel it. this will f*ck with you during the dose and may make you think that your tripping when your really not, which can ruin a dose.

After the first coarse is over and your all set up. you are ready to try your chosen dose.

*The more nooby you are, the more of a settle dose you want to start with. Dont go straight to HOG. If you do you may very well not get anything.

Now your all ready to go and you are chill and relaxed. you have all your thoughts and needs outa the way.

8) start the dose while sitting still (whether your sitting up or not) but sit still and feel the beats, and let your mind sink in to it.

9) Once youve let the beats sink in then lie down on your pillow (stiff pillow)
and fold a cotton t-shirt of blanket and put it over your eyes, just above your nose, so that you can breath with your nose. Make sure your eyes have room under the blanket to blink and twitch. Pull the region of the blanked thats over your eyes, up a little bit to achieve this. Make sure that you cant see anything but darkness, and can blink with out your eyelashes touching the blanket. Now you can trip without worrying about what to look at with your eyes closed. You are now going to keep them open the whole dose, blink when you need but you wont have to as much.

10) Next make sure your legs are NOT crossed, and are not touching each other. Make sure your arms are not folded over your body, and are also not touching each other. Connect your thumb and your finger together and make sure your hands are rested comfortably.

11)Now tune in to the dose and start your counting. Dont count backward from 100-0. For alot of new users, it will take alot longer than that to throw your mind in to a subconscious state. I usually start from a large random number such as 847 (not too high though). And i start counting backwards. This works better because it take a good amount of concentration to count from this kind of a number starting out on this random number.

12)When you get thrown in to the subconscious state you may not no it yet, but you will start repeating the number in your head or go back to a number you have already said. Just let it go. Let your mind just count. You may get to zero without anything happening, in this case start over, at a diffrent number.

13) picture the number in your head while saying it. When you start to get in a trance it will be fun tring to remember what a number looks like.

14)Try to feel the beats affect your stomach muscles, and jsut relax. Let your stomach feel like its moving around and get all tingly.

15) When you lock in to a trance you will start to know when the pulses get much louder, and more identifiable, sometimes even slower.


16) Now youve finally gone in to a trance. And its time to just let your mind goo. Now you can start to think.

17)Do not think about the trip too much. Just try to chill and not think about it till after the dose.

18)While in a trance your head will move, your hands will twitch, and your fingers will move. LET THEM GO. If you start to roll over, then go with it. If you try to correct yourself, your mind will start functioning again.

19) When you get deeeeeep in to a state, you may stop hearing the beats and pulses, in this case dont freak out. Your still going. They may just get really soft. Either way just keep concentrating.

22)Now is the time to F*ck with your mind. At this time, your mind is just letting what happens happen. So tell yourself your rocking on a boat, or your bed is spinning. (of coarse your inducing a placebo, but it has to start like that) So start by beliveing your rocking back and forth, and after a while it will TOTALLY feel like that.

23) Just look forward, at whatever you can see. Black dots, white dots, and let the grow. Your mind will now start to hallucinate (small. You wont see a gnome run in and smile at you. But everything starts small.)

24) The dose is over, but your trip isn't. Lie there for a while. For some doses, or some dosers, this is when the trip just begins. You are now finally in the state your supposed to be in. So lie there and get the full effect, or replay the dose!! :evil: now your actually going to get the affect. Your mind is used to the dose, and you will now do it again x 10.

The main thing is to stay positive and practice everyday. It can take 2 months to actually fully get the effect out of idoser. After my first month when i finally started to feel a tiny bit affected, i thought i was finally good at it. Im still not done, and every time i do it i only get better, and better experiences.

Some doses work for me, some dont. But the ones that doo really doo.

The first dose to really really click for me was Genisis. Then Peyote.

I Learned from the first Tip page given as a sticky on this forum which was great. Then i used these skills on top of those. So follow both.

So keep going!! Have fun 8)
Peace everyone.


Word for word. If you follow that, you'll be Grade A. HOWEVER, keep in mind that you SHOULD NOT be expecting anything, just let everything take it's own natural course. Don't sit and lay there expecting to start 'tripping balls' after 5 minutes. Just chill out, relax, and let everything run the way it's trying to.

So sit back with your ipod in your dark room and let yourself float away into space.