Having Erbs Palsy Birth Injury #ErbsPalsy

What experiences in life helped you grow the most?

I was born with the birth injury called Erbs Palsy. It’s been a major issue in my life caused many problems and issues as I have gotten older and at times made my life absolute hell .

So What is Erbs Palsy ?

Erb’s Palsy is a condition that affects the nerves in the arm, particularly the brachial plexus, which is a network of nerves that runs from the spine to the shoulder and down the arm. The condition is usually caused by damage to the nerves during childbirth, although it can also be caused by trauma or injury to the shoulder or neck.

The symptoms of Erb’s Palsy include weakness or paralysis in the arm, numbness or loss of feeling in the arm, and limited range of motion in the shoulder or arm

I am self employed because of my disability as it allows me to work at my own pace and take a break or not work at all .

Having Erbs Palsy has pushed me further to try things that will allow me to be creative and work around my disabilities.

I wouldn’t change it for the world I can deal with the pain which I would rather be in than live a boring life.

Having Erbs Palsy has made me more determined to succeed, but at my Own pace lol …

I’m also neurodivergent which also means I’m with bored of writing now lol and have the urge to make some amazing T Shirts

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