Personalised Laser Engraving Services


Personalised Laser Engraving Services
Bespoke Handmade Engraved Wood Pendant Jewellery Charm Gifts​

Handmade Wooden Necklace Pendants , Earrings , Key Fob , Keyring Gifts  
Handmade Retro knitted Wool Hats , Socks & Scarf Gifts
Handmade Genuine Leather Wrist Cuff & Bangle Gifts
Funky , Boho , Vintage , Retro Fashion Accessories Gifts
 3D Printed Wooden PlA ABS Plastic Gifts

Handmade Engraved Wooden Gifts Uniquely Personalised Just For You


Digital Images: Resolution of 250 DPI minimum or greater
TIFF for Windows format preferred (the image is not compressed)
Simple, uncluttered image ( The subject may get lost in the clutter)
Well exposed (very important)
Sharp focus (very important)
Faces evenly front lit (deep shadows hide detail)
Good tonal quality and variation (provides the best engraving tonal range)
Avoid dark against dark or light against light ( the subject needs to stand out)


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