Diabetic , Diabetes Inspired Handmade Necklace Wooden Charms by Retrosheep.com Handmade in Wales

Each Pendant Is Unique And Made Just For You So No Two Pendants Are The Same

When Your Order Is Placed I Select The Wood And Start Working On Your Special Unique Wood Jewellery Pendant Straight Away Made With Home Grown And Harvested Eco Friendly Sourced Wood From My Own Land So No Harm To The Environment

Hand Sanded and Polished To A Stunning Natural Finish with 100% Natural Beeswax Polish

Size Shade And Shape Varies As The Wooden Necklace Pendant Its Made Just For You As You Order Sizes Vary The Wood Is Chosen For The Engraving You Require

If The Engraving Is Quite Large Then Wood Will Be Selected To Accommodate Your Unique Engraving on the Wooden Jewellery Pendant Comes Fitted With Long 1mm Thick Thong Cord So You Can Choose And Tie Off At Your Own Desired Length

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