Falconry Hawking Collection Hunting Books Patterns Templates Hoods Jesse's #falconry

Falconry Hawking Collection Hunting Books Patterns Templates Hoods Jesse's #falconry

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Falconry collection a collection of 34 pdf books on falconry and hunting with birds of prey.

​plus a full falconry leather working pack containing how to guides, patterns for falconry hoods and patterns for jesses and other leather falconry equipment.

Hawking In India - 1910
Hawking Expedition - 1901]
List Of Dinural Birds Of Prey - 1890 
A Synopsis Of The Acciptres Dinural Birds Of Prey - 1922 
A Badminton Library Book On Coursing And Falconry - 1892 
Baz-nama-yi-nasiri- A Persian Treatise On Falconry - 1908 
Birds Of Prey A Falcon Pocket Guide Birds Of Prey Health And Disease Birds Of Prey A Catalogue Of Birds - 1894 
​Descriptions Of Rapacious Birds Of Great Britain - 1836 
Eagles, Hawks And Birds Of Prey Canada - 1876
Falconry In The Hittite Lands Falconry In The Valley Of The Indus - Burton - 1852 
Falconry Its Claims History And Practise - 1859
Falconry Association News Letter Falconry The Sport Of Kings - 1920 
Game Birds And Birds Of Prey - 1898 
Hawking In Osteo Archaeology International Falconry Federation Articles Lord Lilford On Birds - 1903 Manual Of British Rural Sports - 1861 
National Geographic - Falconry - 1920
The Novice Falconer Ornithology Of Birds - 1678 
Practical Falconry - 1954
Reminiscences Of An Old Sportsman - 1860 
Rural Sports - 1802 
The Ancient Sport Of Falconry The Art And Practice Of Hawking - 1900
The Arte Of Medieval Faulconry The Gentlemans Recreation Of Hunting - 1686 
Hunting The Rabbit With A Chapter On Cooking - 1898
A Year Of Sport And Hunting - 1895

​all on dvd data disc just pop in your pc and away you go