Garden Furniture & Structure Diy Woodworking Carpentry Build Plans #DIY

Garden Furniture & Structure Diy Woodworking Carpentry Build Plans #DIY

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Build your own Bed ,
Wardrobe Table ,
bedside unit or garden planters ,
garden furniture and structures
1000's of Diy Woodworking Plans for home and Garden
​all on one data DVD disc 


BUILD Over 10,000 DIY build YOUR OWN PLANS BECOME A MASTER CARPENTER ANYONE CAN BUILD THEIR OWN build boats, canoes, sheds, book shelves, kids toys, bee hives, anything and everything.
This disc contains well over 10,000 plans for doing anything and everything with wood, from wooden children's toys to plans for wooden barns and houses. there are lots pdfs on wood working tips as well, like how to build a workshop,
how to build a workbench and even how to make wood working tools.
this is a full guide on how to become a master wood smith. you will learn how to lathe wood, how to make a foot lathe and how to stain varnish, sand and cut every join and angle correctly.
This disk will show you the old ways of woodworking up to modern woodworking, anything is possible in wood, from a kids ride on digger to a wind turbine, its all here.