Pottery Studio Build your own kiln , potters treadle DIY plans #pottery

Pottery Studio Build your own kiln , potters treadle DIY plans #pottery

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Build your own pottery studio as an artist or as a business Everything you need to build a full pottery studio, from the kiln to the pottery wheel. this data disk contains pdf e-books that will show you how to build a gas or wood fired kiln and even how to build your own pottery wheel! Starting up a hobby like pottery can be very expensive, 

pottery wheels sell for £200+ and kilns start from £400+ so as a hobby it can be very expensive to even start to make your first pot. with these pdf e-books I will show you how you can build your own for a fraction of the cost! this data disc will enable you to build your own pottery wheel and kiln within 1 week and for less than you think. our ethos is take something that would be expensive to buy but very cheap to build.... ....if you know how! and that's what we try and do, give you the knowledge to build it yourself, that way you can teach others and it wont cost the earth. disc contents- Kilns - there over 10 different kiln designs from large to small, and from gas and wood fired kilns to sawdust kilns. all in pdf format Pottery wheels 

​ I have included 5 different pottery kick wheel designs that you can make yourself! from the easiest kick wheel to a full size kick wheel I have also included e-books on - pottery throwing techniques a pottery and ceramics handbook a ceramics and glazes recipe handbook a guide on press moulded pottery the self reliant potter prehistoric native pottery a manual of egyptian pottery pottery studios and history and even a kiln firing chart for temperatures and techniques over 30 pdf e-books with everything you need to start your own pottery studio As a bonus I have included a full 127 e-book file on carpentry tips and techniques and a file with over 200 different shed and workshop plans so that you can literally build a studio! that's over 350 pdf e-books on building a pottery studio and your equipment! with this disc you to can become a ceramics expert making and producing your own designs for yourself or even as a start up business making pottery to sell, its all here for you.