THE FARRIER PROFESSIONAL collection horse doctor vet and Saddle maker #Horse #Farrier
The Farrier Professional Collection Horse Vet and Saddle Maker #Horse #Farrier

The Farrier Professional Collection Horse Vet and Saddle Maker #Horse #Farrier

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The Farrier, horse doctor and Saddle maker complete pack of pdf e-books
​This data disc contains 20 pdf books in total, 11 vintage pdf e-books on the farrierhorse diseases and curesbreeding and training of horses, and 10 pdf e-books on saddles, saddle making and repair.

​These pdf books enabled the normal person every ability and cure for keeping horses in the peak of health and condition. these pdf books have been the basis and have had continuing use within the equine field for century's. just pop the data disc into your computer and then transfer the 20 pdf e-books to your phone or tablet for true out in the field use.

​The Farrier and Horse doctor pdf e-books-

De Witt's Complete - American Farrier & Horse Doctor An American Book For American Horsemen 1870 Everyman 
His Own Farrier- Causes,symptoms And Most Approved Methods Of Cure For Every Disease To Which The Horse Is Liable - Added Most Prevalent Diseases Of Dogs 1826 

Old Jim Averys Own Farrier And Recipe Book 1859
Practical Horse Farrier Or The Travellers Pocket Companion 1820 
Taplin Improved The Art Of Farriery 1815
The Complete Farrier Or Horse Doctor
The Art Of The Farrier Made Plain And Easy 1820 
The Complete Farrier Or Horse Doctor-a Tretise On The Diseases Of Horses 1845
The Experienced Farrier 1808 
The Gentlemans New Pocket Farrier 1873 
The Horseman's Guide And Farrier 1808
The Practical Horse Farrier 1818
Horse Saddlery- 10 Books On Saddle Making E-books- Common-sense-saddle-fitting Fine Harness, Saddlery & Horse Clothing 1891 
Harness Repairing 1821 
Making A Medieval Saddle Making A Saddle 1978
Man Made Mobile - Early Saddles Of Western North America Saddleology Saddlery 1904 
Saddlery And Harness Making 1812 Saddles-measuring-your-horse