Handmade Scented Wooden Eco Friendly Charms by Retrosheep.com
Handmade Eco Friendly Scented Wooden Charms


Personalised Custom Made Novelty Scented Eco Friendly Handmade Wooden Charm
​various Scented Car / Home Air Fresheners
​ Lots Of Patterns To Choose From Extra Text / Logo Engraving Service Available

Made From Home Grown And Harvested Wood .
Wood Than Has Been Harvested From Our Own Cottage Garden And Left To Dry Out For 2 Years.
We Then Cut The  Wood Into Slices Witch Vary In Diameter.
So No Charm Is The Same Size Every Charm Is Unique
Each Scent Has Its Name Engraved On The Front Into The Wooden Disc
The  Wooden Disc Is Then Soaked In Your Desired Fragrance Oil.
After The Plum Wood Disc Has Soaked Through With Fragrance Oil A Thong Is Then Attached For Hanging.
When All Is Done We Then Wrap The Scented Plum Wood Charm In Heat Sealed Packaging To Keep The Fragrance
Looked In And Your Fingers Free From Fragrance Oil.

Many Different Fragrance Oil Scents Available 

Rich Leather And Patchouli
Rock Salt And Driftwood
Frosted Serenity
Wild Woods
Silver Storm
Lemon Grass
Fresh Linen
Baby Powder
Sweet Orange
Red Rose

Hot Apple Pie

Strawberry Bon Bon
Egyptian Musk
Milk & Honey
Cedar Wood
Sweet Pea
Sea Spray
Freshly Cut Grass
Forget Me Not
Lilac & Ylang Ylang  

Jasmine ​
Map of Wales Chopping Board Engraving by Retrosheep.com

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South Wales UK .

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